Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA) is your gateway to the exciting and fast-growing world of Media and Film making. Built on the rich heritage and strong foundations of the Zee Network, ZIMA was envisaged by its founders to be a hub of cutting-edge technology and traditional expertise which will be your platform of limitless opportunities to a career in film making and media world. A digital academy film school which will equip you with skills and nurture your talents – so that you can make your mark in the world of media and film making.


ZIMA - A Strategic Advantage – REACH FOR THE STARS

ZIMA – The Zee Institute of Media Arts is an integral part of Zee Learn Limited, education division of Zee Networks, which is a leading entertainment and media conglomerate. ZIMA Digital Academy for film making is the latest media education hub and a new talent hot spot for Bollywood and the media world.

ZIMA gives you the scope and state-of-the-art support to unfold your creative urge and sharpen your technical finesse in film making, and it cares for your needs and goals as sensitively as you do. ZIMA offers globally-accepted standards of media education in the field of Film Making, Direction, Acting, Voicing & TV Presentation, Screenwriting, Executive Producer, Ad Filmmaking, Cinematography, Sound Recording, Editing, Autodesk Smoke & Flame and other related fields for a successful filmi career. If it's any thing media-related, you can learn it at ZIMA.

ZIMA is your chance to carve your niche and make a mark, be it in Bollywood - India's biggest film industry, or in international media. Reach for the sky and write your name among the stars… with ZIMA.


It's our mission at ZIMA:

ZIMA gives you wings to fly in the limitless world of media and film making. It is an arena of creative freedom that gives you the wings to dream big, and to make your media and film making career dreams come true.

It's our mission at ZIMA:
  • To elevate your inner talents and creative power
  • To innovate new media techniques and skills
  • To pioneer a media-education that nurtures the best of talents
  • To rejuvenate the media industry with a pool of fresh and brilliant minds
  • To support and spread a culture of media arts
  • To provide our students the skills and infrastructure to create their own visions and fulfill their dreams
  • To encourage freedom of expression in media education


The Institute: Training and Take-off Ground for the Best Talents

ZIMA Digital Academy is a creative and training community for the media and film making industry. It is designed to provide media education that encourages the freedom to dream and gives the skills to realize that dream. ZIMA aims to provide a free and flexible environment, where ideas can flow without barriers, and where originality and creativity can flourish with the support of the best technical know-how.

ZIMA is the ideal launch pad for creative talent in the media business, tailored to suit international and national media requirements. ZIMA offers cutting-edge technology, a rich wealth of teaching faculty and diverse, updated and relevant courseware to suit individual talents and industry demands.

The technically-advanced, personalized, proactive and creatively-charged environment at ZIMA, where each and every student is groomed and honed with personal and utmost care, offers the flexibility, diversity, modernity and scalability needed to take-off successfully in the future of media and film making.