Q1. What are the Programmes being offered by ZIMA?

Job-oriented Programmes in different streams of film making. Access the link Programmes at the ZIMA site for complete detailed information.

Q2. What is the duration of each course?

ZIMA offers film making and related Programmes of different durations - from 2 months Fast Track Programmes to 2 Years Comprehensive Programmes.

Q3. Is there any eligibility criteria for these Programmes?

A candidate has to be at least 10 + 2 pass. However, in exceptional and special cases, this rule is flexible.

Q4. Why should I join ZIMA, when there are so many other existing institutes?

There are multifold reasons for you to join ZIMA :

  • ZIMA is part of a family which has been in the business of entertainment for a long time, beaming multiple TV channels and film production, enabling students to train in media environment under one roof. Its offers the best film making Programmes in India
  • ZIMA is a part of an established brand name - Zee Tele films – which is involved in all spheres of media arts with a concrete base, experience, and spectacular success.
  • ZIMA is offering scientifically tailored, ultra-modern as well as interesting courseware to expand the students comprehensive knowledge of film-making and to develop their skills through practical experience.
Q5. Is lack of knowledge and experience of film making and television production a handicap for joining the ZIMA?

Not at all. ZIMA training Programmes have been specifically designed to fulfill all the perceived needs of a new entrant with no prior background in the field of film & television. So be it film making training, film production training, editing training or more, you will get trained in specialized skills.

Q6. What is a working day like at ZIMA?

ZIMA functions from 8 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Saturday. Weekend classes of filmmaking related Programmes are conducted on Sundays. Additional time may have to be spent for post production work during some evenings.

Q7. Does the time table of the Academy suit working professionals?

The time table is divided in such a manner that it suits both professionals as well as amateurs. Classes are conducted right from morning and afternoon to late evenings to suit all genres of students. Looking into the demand, ZIMA has also introduced weekend classes for filmmaking related Programmes.

Q8. Who are the trainers?

One of Zima's greatest strength is its training faculty. The training is imparted by highly experienced and well-reputed practicing professionals.

Q9. Is the duration of short-term Programmes adequate?

ZIMA is an alternative to formal film & television schools and it combines quality with quantity in media education. The Film making Institute offers over more than hundred hours of strategically-designed education and training during a six months' period. This period and the quality of the training received therein are sufficient for preparing the individual for any professional work in his chosen field.

Q10. What is the content of practical work in various Programmes?

ZIMA puts a lot of stress on practical training of the students by taking them to the actual locations as well as post production studios, where the shoots are taking place. It goes without saying that the infrastructure and facilities available within the parameters of the ZEE network of channels are tremendous. ZIMA also believes that performing arts are best learnt by doing. Over 75% of the training and education is practical in nature.

Q11. Do the students actually participate in the production of films during the session?

Every student gets an opportunity to directly or indirectly participate in the students' project films.

Q12. Are boarding and lodging arrangements for outstation students made by ZIMA?

This is in the pipeline. In the meanwhile, accommodation options are available with guidance from our counselor.

Q13. What about placement opportunities after training?

ZIMA provides guidance for placement and makes all possible efforts to help its alumni in finding satisfying and rewarding work.

Q14. Can persons from outside India gain admission to ZIMA?


Q15. How are the applications for admission from foreigners screened?

The Board - comprising professional team of ZIMA - judges the suitability of the candidate on the basis of information supplied with the admission. It is essential that the applicant should have complied twelve years of school/college education in addition to possessing working knowledge of English language at the time of seeking admission.

Q16. Does ZIMA assist the foreign applicants in obtaining the Indian Visa?

After obtaining the official letter of admission from ZIMA, the applicant must apply to the nearest Indian Mission for student visa. The address of the concerned overseas Indian Mission will be provided by the Institute.

Q17. What are the charges payable by foreign students for boarding and lodging?

These charges are the same as for the local students. Those desirous of occupying a single-seated furnished accommodation will have to pay extra for the same.

Q18. What about medical cover for the foreign students?

Foreign students are advised to take out medical insurance in their own country or do so upon arrival in India.

Q19. Who are eligible for admission to ZIMA?

Beside possessing the educational qualification for various Programmes as mentioned in the prospectus, any adult committed to serious study of cinema and television; faith in systematic training and a strong will to make the grade in a highly competitive industry is welcome.

Q20. Is ZIMA better than serving industry apprenticeship for a beginner like me?

A Professional Institute is the right place to learn the art and craft of film making and television production. The industry is good for gaining professional experience. ZIMA Film school and the industry have different roles to play. Industry apprenticeship is no substitute for formal schooling at Zee Institute of Media Arts, which is far more structured, comprehensive and where your evaluation can be monitored by professionals.

Q21. What can ZIMA do for a student like me?

ZIMA film institute in Mumbai is a complete academy for all fields related to film making. ZIMA gives you the opportunity to learn to communicate with pictures and sounds; to gain invaluable hands-on experience in your chosen field of specialization; to work with a large number of fellow students who will be moving into the industry, and to develop network of contacts. ZIMA also helps to discover talents, skills, energies and to develop the ability to recognize appropriate opportunities.