Duration: 6 months

Three Hours a Day, Three Days a Week
+ 1 Practical & 1 Film Appreciation a week!

Sound Designing - What is it?

Sound design is a technical creative field. It covers all non-compositional elements of a film, a play, a recording, computer game software or any other multimedia audio projects.This program introduces sound design in the context of audio-visual production.
Students will be exposed to both theoretical and practical aspects of sound design. They will also be introduced to the practical discipline of creative sound design in pre-production, location recording and post-production.

Course Brief:
- Basics of Sound
- Acoustics Fundamentals
- Monitoring System
- Microphone Techniques
- Consoles & Virtual Mixer
- Signal Processors
- Digital Audio Technology
- Field Recorders
- Sync Sound
- DAW's Application
- Track Laying
- Production Sound Effects
- Studio Visit (Foley & Track Laying Studio)
- Production of the Film Sound Track
- Techniques of Premixing & Session Backup
- Project & Tips and Tricks

Learn how to plan the technical resources required for individual feature film projects during the pre-production and post-production stages.

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