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"I'm curious about people. That's the essence of my acting. I'm interested in what it would be like to be you."
- Meryl Streep
(3 time Oscar winner for Acting & nominated 19 times)

Javed Khan - ZIMA Mentor (Acting)

Duration: 6 months

Three Hours a Day, Three Days a Week
+ 1 Practical & 1 Film Appreciation a week!

ZIMA is today one of the better known acting schools in India where freshers and aspiring actors get trained under experts.

The conservatory programme prepares the student actor for the creative challenges of the actor's profession by providing the student with a solid craft that guarantees continued growth as a creative artist.

Course Outline:
  • The syllabus is based on Stanislavsky's "Method Acting" model.
  • Exercises include Sense Memory, Observation, Imagination, Improvisations, Voice & Speech, Diction, Action Problems, Movement, Animal Study, Monologues, Scenes, Film Orientation, Play Back, Acting Analysis, Film Fights & Dance.
  • The last week of the course will be devoted to practical training of facing the camera leading to a professional show reel of their work for the Film Industry. This is an excellent opportunity for students to express their talent in front of industry experts from Bollywood and other regional film makers of Indian film industry.
  • At ZIMA, we take pride in our carefully crafted training, systematic approach and above all, a learning environment that aims at holistic development of each student actor.

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