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“Films don’t fail, the budgets do...”

Uday Shankar Pani - ZIMA Mentor
(Film & TV Production & Direction)
Sibtain Shahidi - ZIMA Mentor
(Film Making & Film & TV Production)

Duration: 6 months

Three Hours a Day, Three Days a Week
+ 1 Practical & 1 Film Appreciation a week!

ZIMA’s Film & TV Production is an in-depth course designed by practicing professionals drawn from the Film, TV, Advertising and the Documentary world.

Producing is about making budgets and ensuring that the production is happening within this budget. This course prepares you for both. And during the whole filmmaking process: preproduction, production & postproduction.

During the course you will get to handle many student & ZIMA productions that are being made on a regular basis.

Course Outline:
  • From script to shoot – an in-depth knowledge of the various departments
  • Structure of the Indian Film Industry – Production, Distribution & Exhibition
  • In-depth knowledge about the producer’s role during the filmmaking process
  • Building up a project with cast & crew – delegation of responsibilities
  • Introduction & expertise in the various budgeting softwares
  • Legal agreements
  • Writing the business plan
  • Permissions
  • Budgeting & Finance
  • Production & Postproduction
  • Marketing & Promotions – from in-film placements to marketing tie-ups
  • Distribution
  • This comprehensive & industry designed course prepares you to handle producing opportunities in Film, TV and the emerging internet content world.

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